invinvicble 35 foot Center Console Catamaran graces the crystal blue waters in Sydney Australia

Today a report from Syndey Australia as our International Dealer Boat Monster takes to the water

Excitedly we’ve seen a bit of an unveiling happening down-under, just two weeks ago our Australian dealer Boat Monster received their 35 Catamaran into port

She’s fresh off some sea trials and the team at Boat Monster can’t wait to hear that hum of the Mercury V8 Verados again

If there is one thing that stands out about Australia is how vast it is – that goes for their Oceans as well

Sydney is bordered by The Tasman Sea. It can be a formidable place with strong currents and serious weather pushing in from the Southern Ocean.

The Invincible Catamaran will find itself right at home – the Center Console Cat chews up the chop and powers along at speeds over 70mph, Sam has already clocked 64 Knots in her

The key thing that will separate Boat Monster’s Invincible from any other boat berthed in Sydney is just how far she’ll go and how fast she’ll get you there.

The 35’ will cruise at around 41mph for a range approaching 600 miles on a single tank of fuel.

Not only does Invincible bring this unrivalled sports performance, but we also do it in style with a yacht-like finish

– If you’re serious about sportfishing or looking to take your boating to a whole other level - have a chat with Sam & Lucy at Boat Monster, who will be only too happy to arrange a sea trial!