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May 10 2024

Glorious Gocek

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 Ian has long opined to me about how beautiful Gocek is - the Turkish French Riviera!

So we got together with Riza from ChannelR to think about how we could make it even more beautiful, with a 35' Cat already there, there was only one thing to do - send a 33' Cat!!

Gocek is a natural haven surrounded by an archipelago of islands which makes it absolutely perfect for anchoring - come the summer 1,000s of vessels descend to enjoy the summer and make the most of the many beautiful beaches accessible only by water.

This has led to Gocek's positioning itself as a town fully set up to support the transient superyachts, passing charters and owners who are out to cruise through the region.

ChannelR has a world-class offering, their stunning offices are located just off the high street where they provide all services for yacht support,  general servicing & parts to full refits and of course sales for some wonderful brands. When SUAS sought a partner in the region it was a no-brainer - from all parts of the puzzle to aftersales, service backup and support ChannelR's exemplary reputation stood out.


ChannelR's 33' Catamaran is currently moored at D-Marina Gocek and is open for charter as a tender to welcome visiting superyachts, as well as offering fishing charter services.

Available for charters ranging from one day to five days, with the option of having a skipper on board as a tender or joining the fishing charter led by the popular fishing social media sensation, Atilla Mert. Atilla and his dedicated followers on Instagram are ready to make your charter experience unforgettable.

Here Atilla Introduces ChannelR's 33' Catamaran on a very thorough walkthrough:-



Well, there was only one thing for it - now Riza & team were in possession of their shiny new 33' Cat - it was time for me to head out to Gocek to spend some time with Riza, his brother Kivanc, Atilla and the ChannelR team to do some product training with everyone on the systems, installations and running the boat on the water.

Flying into Dalaman I had a warm welcome from Riza & a short trip to Gocek before enjoying some excellent Turkish hospitality.

I was lucky enough to spend some time fishing with Atilla and Riza's brother Kivanc, Atilla captured all of the action below:-



Gocek truly is a hidden gem for yacht enthusiasts and fishing lovers alike, with its stunning natural beauty and all of the luxurious amenities for cruising the Med.

ChannelR's 33' Catamaran adds an exciting dimension to the experience, offering charters for both tender services and fishing expeditions. With Atilla Mert on hand to track down the fish and the expertise of ChannelR, visitors can expect an unforgettable time exploring the picturesque waters of Gocek.

For more details on how to book a charter or experience this fantastic destination for yourself, do not hesitate to get in touch and make the most of what Gocek has to offer.