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May 31 2024

Introducing Build My Invincible.

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Everything Invincible does is about delivering an unparalleled on-water experience, from working with the leading naval architects Morelli and Melvin, investing in the best manufacturing facilities, the best people so and state-of-the-art boatbuilding techniques, so from the moment you turn that key at the start of your adventure you'll enjoy the best day on the water all the way until the return to the dock.

In a move to enhance the Invincible purchasing experience, we've introduced Build My Invincible to tune in the colours and some of the basic options, to really get a feel for how your finished boat will look.

When I work with clients to create a spec for their boat is an involved and exciting process, we build semi-bespoke so there are an almost infinite combination of options available. Being able to have a basic design to start from and visual the next steps will be invaluable in our build process - excitingly I'm already using the builder with customers on their design.

Have a play with the 46' Catamaran below & head to to dial in a build for your perfect model!


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