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May 31 2024

Introducing Invincible Catamarans & Their Patented Morelli & Melvin Hull Design

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When your customers are committed to a serious day out on the water, regardless of how demanding the conditions might be they need to trust the vessel they're on. Invincible Catamarans stand out as an example of exceeding those expectations, thanks to our unwavering commitment to providing fishermen with an unmatched experience out on the water.

At the heart of our success is a 'wavebreaking' design—the patented Morelli & Melvin hull - which ushered in a new era of handling and versatility in Catamaran performance.

Invincible Boats are a renowned Center Console boat builder for being one tep ahead, recognised for our dedication to embracing new technology and wrapping that in our high-quality craftsmanship.

The Morelli & Melvin Hull: A Masterpiece of Innovation

The patented Morelli & Melvin hull design set a new standard for catamaran performance. This revolutionary hull design is the brainchild of the world-renowned naval architects, Gino Morelli & Pete Melvin, and it represents a pinnacle of their expertise in power-driven boats.

The Morelli & Melvin hull design is characterised by its unique combination of efficiency, stability, handling and speed. Its catamaran configuration offers a significant advantage in terms of reduced resistance in the water, translating into remarkable fuel efficiency and high-speed capabilities.

This advanced semi-asymmetric design also allows the hull to lean into the turn; that's the Invincible difference that makes our catamarans unique. Gone are the days when you ride on a catamaran afraid for it to turn.

Unlike most naval architects taking on a catamaran design, Morelli & Melvin didn't just design a catamaran hull, they distilled their knowledge from working on America's Cup racing catamarans and refined it using state-of-the-art NASA fluid dynamic software.


| eGarage did a full feature YouTube on Morelli & Melvin's design process


Performance Redefined

One of the key features of the Morelli & Melvin hull is its exceptional stability, especially in challenging sea conditions.

Invincible owners with new passengers will delight in finding a wave to take head-on, watching their faces anticipate a hard slam, then their face change to joy and relief at the amusement of how softly the catamaran passed through the wave.

The design incorporates a high chine to tunnel height for the catamaran which means the tunnel won't bottom out in rougher waters like our competitors when you hit a wave, the feeling is often described as a cushion of air softening the blow.

This stability also means a safer and more secure experience for all aboard, making Invincible Catamarans an excellent choice for families and serious boaters alike.

Endless Versatility

Beyond its incredible handling and stability, the Morelli & Melvin hull design allows for a remarkable level of versatility. Invincible’s pedigree of Offshore Sportsfishing means they are customized to cater to a wide range of boating preferences, from more comfortable and leisurely cruising to a fast commuter making the Invincible the ultimate adventure boat. The spacious and thoughtfully designed interiors offer luxurious comfort, with a layout that suits every boating lifestyle.

A Commitment to Excellence

Invincible Catamarans' commitment to excellence, epitomized by the Morelli & Melvin hull design, has made us a trailblazer in the American Center Console segment industry. Our catamarans are not just vessels; they are an embodiment of precision, performance, and passion for the open water.

One Ride is all it takes to discover the Invincible Difference!