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June 18 2024

Prizewinning Panama

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The hour is early, it's still night outside - it'll be a couple of hours before the sun fully rises but today you're up, you've beaten the alarm, and when it sounds on your phone you're quick to silence it so as not to wake everyone up whilst you stealthily move around the house grabbing the gear you tactically laid out the night before - today's a tournament day and the adrenaline is pumping hard as your team rounds up and you race off to the dock.

Meet Mario Barcenas, a proud Panamanian who comes from a fishing family, they fish hard and compete even harder.

When Mario was looking to change their boat he approached Edwin at Maspor Marine to talk about Invincible. Coming from a 39' Express he was clear on what he wanted. The 40' Catamaran was the choice and Mario poured over every detail and got everything dialled in to be absolutely perfect for their fishing.

Well, that was a year ago at the time of writing and just last week Team BCat (the name of the boat) became overall Champions of Diablo Spinning Club's Open Tournament with wins in two categories, Amberjack & Tuna.



Invincible 40' Catamaran
1 Our Favorite - Team BCat Invincible 40' Catamaran
Overall Winners Team BCat Barcenas 40 Cat
2 The Tournament Teams lineup on the Dock - our favorite Invincible 40' Catamaran Team BCat on the right
Amberjack Yellowfin Tuna and Mahi
3 Team BCat's Haul, Amberjack, Tuna and Mahi
Winning Amberjack
4 Mario in blue with Team BCat and the Amberjack delivering their winning weigh in!
Barcenas Amberjack winner
5 Mario Barcenas & Team BCat bring home the Tournament winning Amberjack
Team BCat Barcenas Tuna winner
6 Team BCAt also win the Tournament Tuna Category
Torneo Abierto Diablo Spinning Club 2024
7 Torneo Abierto Diablo Spinning Club 2024




If you're in Central America & want to talk Invincible, speak to our man in Panama - Edwin Fabrega.

+507 6070-2010

I personally guarantee you will not find anyone anywhere with more knowledge about our lineup of models and when it comes to customer service, backup and support - Maspor is First Class - we're proud to be working with such a great team.